Work out your clean energy savings and earnings with the help of our street lights

A new tool is available to help you work out how much you could earn and save under the new Clean Energy Cashback scheme.

The Energy Saving Trust’s Cashback Calculator will take the type of technology you want to install (wind or solar electricity) and how much you are investing in that technology and work out what you stand to earn.

Launched on 1 April, the new “feed in tariff” pays householders for generating renewable electricity from small-scale green energy systems such as solar panels and micro-wind turbines. The scheme is also open to others including businesses, communities, farmers, schools and hospitals who want to generate green electricity from renewable installations up to 5MW in size (equivalent to two large commercial wind turbines) – although the payments vary by technology and scale of installation.

One of examples of such technology can be seen here:

Commenting on the launch of the new scheme, Friends of the Earth’s Executive Director Andy Atkins said: “This new scheme is a tremendous opportunity for people across the country to play their part in the green energy revolution – and earn tax-free money too.

“The Clean Energy cash-back scheme will allow householders to earn tax-free cash by turning their homes into mini green power stations, cut fuel bills and play their part in tackling climate change.

“UK homes are responsible for over a fifth of emissions, but by slashing energy waste, and fitting renewable electricity systems such as solar panels on our roofs and wind turbines in our gardens, they can be part of the solution to climate change.”

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